Parchment of mezuzah

The parchment is made of leather and is specially processed for the purpose of writing a mezuzah. The ink is made from natural plants only and is kosher for the writing of a mezuzah. The writing tool is made of plastic / reed. The writer who writes the mezuzah is an expert writer who holds a certificate for writing a mezuzah. The letters are written according to the Shulchan Aruch - Sephardic writing of the Ari.
Each Mezuzah is inspected by two proofreaders. Each Mezuzah undergoes a computer test to examine missing letters and redundant letters.
The writer immerses himself in the mikvah before writing the Mezuzah.
The letters ש, ע, ט, נ, ז, ג, צ are tagged with three tags.
Letters ב, ד, ק, ח, י, ה are tagged with one tag.