Parchment of mezuzah

A mezuzah card - a fancy mezuzah - written by sefaradi haari.
Mezuzah 12 cm - mezuzah card 12 cm, mezuzah 15 cm - mezuzah card 15 cm, mezuzah 20 cm - mezuzah card 20 cm.
The card is made of leather specially made for writing.
The ink is made from only natural plants and is designed for writing a mezuzah.
The pen (writing tool) is made of plastic / reed.
The author of the mezuzah is an expert author with a certificate of certification for writing Torah scrolls, tefillin and mezuzahs.
The letters are written in accordance with the laws of writing a syllable.
Each mezuzah undergoes an examination of two proofreaders - an examination by a writing expert who makes sure that there are no missing letters / redundant letters / letters that are connected to each other.
Each mezuzah card is tested by a dedicated computer that checks for missing letters / redundant letters / letters that are glued to each other.
Elegant mezuzah card