Personalized framed writing












Our name is Yehuda and Anat - we are a connection of truth, holiness, creativity, uniqueness and originality.
I am as a sofer sta'm and my wife as a designer
which create unique and personal art
especially for you and according to your request.

We believe that every human being is unique and therefore
deserves a special and personal
 Every framed writing is personal and made by your request.

All our products are made in Israel:
  ** Real parchment ** Authentic ink - made from plants 
** Writing is done by an expert writer

We do not compromise !!
We use quality and advanced raw materials.
We emphasis on small details.

We perform quality checks for each product and commit to reliability, warranty and support

Sefer Torah (Torah scrolls)- Mezuzot - Megilot

"What is the definition of kosher mezuzah?"
"What is a fancy mezuzah?"
"How do I choose a Megilla (the Book of Esther) knowingly that it will be inherited from generation to generation?"
"I want the most respectable Torah scroll and all the worshipers of the synagogue will be privileged to read it ..."
"I want to buy a Torah scroll for the memory of ....."

For any detail: Anat +972-52-8525616
                                    Yehuda +972-52-3052617
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