Parchment of mezuzah

A mezuzah card - a fancy mezuzah - written by the Sefaradi HaAri.
How do we write:
Writing by a certified scribe, fancy parchment, writing with a feathered pen, kosher ink, immersion in a mikveh before writing, full Tiyug , human examination, computer examination for missing letters.

Elegant mezuzah card - 12 cm
Elegant mezuzah card - 15 cm
Elegant mezuzah card - 20 cm
The card is made of leather that works especially for writing.
The ink is made from only natural plants and is designed for writing a mezuzah.
The pen (writing tool) is made of plastic / feather
The writing is done by an expert scribe with a certification for writing Torah scrolls, tefillin and mezuzahs.
The letters are written in accordance with the laws of writing satam. Letters B. D. K. H. Y.H.
Each mezuzah is examined by two proofreaders: examined by a writing expert (not the author who wrote it),
Make sure there are no missing letters / redundant letters / letters connected to each other.
Each mezuzah card undergoes a dedicated computer test that checks for missing letters / redundant letters / letters
Glued to each other.
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